Hi, my names Holly and I'm from England. Welcome to my blog. I adore reading and I never seem to have my nose out of a book. I reblog/ post a mixture of things, there isn't really a theme. Oh well... enjoy :)

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whoever came up with this is probably still patting themselves on the back at this very moment

i went to burger king when they got these and the girl said “would you like some satifries? theyre really satifrying.” and the boy behind her goes “shut up” and she goes “hes not satifried with my puns.”

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capsule for smokers, Japan


That’s the opposite of a problem

I’d love to know how this mistake was made. What was going through their heads at the factory?
"Are you sure it actually says 1,450?"
"Yeah, why would it be a mistake?"


dear teen wolf, 

your characters don’t need love interests. they need therapy. 



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someone posted this on facebook and i can’t believe i’m still laughing i’m sooo ashamed

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I almost lost it at the Disney Store today.


Why? I watched a father very firmly tell his little boy “No, you can’t have that Rapunzel dress.” The boy was near tears until his dad continued, “That one’s way too small. Let’s find your size.”

Eventually, the little boy decided against the dress and, with his dad’s blessing, picked out a tiara instead, because “it’s better for everyday.”

Parenting: this guy’s doing it right. 

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"If it makes you less sad, I’ll die by your hand."

Winter Soldier!Sciles